African Braid


In order to make an African braid, your hair must be at least 8 cm. You are free to choose the color of the model you want. Only some details matter. At this point, when choosing a color, we give importance to the cut of your hair and skin harmony. We convey this situation to you before taking action and we decide together.
The usage period is 2 to 3 months depending on the growth rate of your hair.
During use, your own hair may come out of the braids. This is a normal situation. You can cut the hair that comes out with scissors.
The process is done entirely by hand and no chemicals are used.
There is no harm to the hair.
You can dye the bottom while your hair is braided, it will not harm the braid.
Afrika örgüsünü %100 kanekolon, (fiber saç), olan en kaliteli saçlar ile uyguluyoruz. Saç kalitesine özellikle önem veriyoruz. Kullanılan saçlar insan sağlığına hiçbir zararı olmayan bütün testlerden ve bakanlık onayından geçmiş kanserojen madde içermeyen en iyi kalite saçlardır.


Can African braids be processed without using additional hair?

Afrika örgüsünde ek saç kullanmadan işlem yapılmaz.Çünkü gerçek saç örüldüğünde   1-2 günde yağlanıp bozulacaktır.Bu nedenle gerçek saç yapısına en yakın %100 kanekalaon saç kullanılarak yapılır ve kullanım süresi 3 aydır.

Can I open my hair before it expires?

You can open the African braid at any time before it expires. There may be people who use it more than the usage period, and this may cause the hair to come across and it may hurt during the opening phase. For this reason, the healthiest period we recommend is 3 months.

Does African braid smell?

When you follow the instructions for use, the hair will never smell, you need to pay attention to the washing stage. Dilute the shampoo and distribute the foam evenly all over the hair, especially the bottoms should foam abundantly, wait for 1-2 minutes and rinse with plenty of water. You can dry it without holding it steady.

How is the African braid attached to the additional hair?

It is completely handcrafted and worn with natural hair using professional techniques without using chemicals.

How should I wash my hair?

You can thoroughly foam the fiber you use and then wash it by making a light buffer without rubbing it too much on the hair roots. 

Which shampoo should I use?

We recommend that you continue to use your own shampoo.



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